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South Lebanon Water Establishment

South Lebanon Water Establishment

OMT offers the subscribers to drinking water and sewage services in the South and Nabatieh Governorates the possibility of settling their dues and late dues to the South Lebanon Water Establishment (SLWE) through more than 1,400 locations in Lebanon.

This service allows the SLWE subscribers to benefit from OMT’s proximity and convenience; they can save the time and effort of moving towards the SLWE offices in the districts by choosing to pay at the nearest OMT location during our long working hours.

For more information about OMT locations that operate during extended hours or 24/7, please call our Customer Service Center on +961 1 391 000.

Check the “Payment Details” section to learn what is needed for the settlement of SLWE dues at OMT.

South Lebanon Water Establishment
Receive Money Payment Details
To settle the SLWE dues, you need to provide OMT Agent with your subscription number or an old receipt.