OMT Visa Card

OMT Visa Card: One Card for your purchases locally, internationally and online

OMT offers you a prepaid and reloadable dual-currency (USD and LBP) card powered by Visa. Whether you choose the Basic or Platinum option, the OMT Visa Card is designed to simplify your financial transactions.

Card Features:

1. Dual-Currency Card: The OMT Visa Card offers two balances in US dollars and Lebanese Pounds, allowing you to conveniently manage your expenses in the currency of your preference. Your fresh USD balance allows you to make online purchases, shop abroad, or withdraw cash from any international ATM. With your LBP balance, you can make payments at any local business (such as supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) and complete online purchases in LBP.

2. Easy application: You can apply for your OMT Visa Card within minutes through OMT Pay app or at your nearest OMT location.

3. Reloadable/Withdrawal Convenience: Easily reload your Card at any OMT location or through BLOM ATMs across Lebanon. You can withdraw cash from the Card at all OMT locations, BLOM ATMs, and any ATM worldwide.

4. Global Acceptance: Enjoy the convenience of a globally accepted card, empowering you to shop online or in-store wherever Visa is accepted.

5. Privacy and Security: OMT takes your security and privacy seriously, and the OMT Visa Card is no exception. Benefit from advanced security features, including real-time transaction SMS notifications, and fraud protection, to ensure your peace of mind with every purchase.

OMT Basic Visa Card (limit USD 3,000 monthly)

The OMT Basic Card is your go-to solution for a convenient payment experience. With quick and easy application process, you gain access to a reliable payment solution that suits your everyday needs. Load your card in USD or LBP effortlessly and use it wherever Visa is accepted worldwide.

You can check the Key Fact Statement to discover all the card’s features and associated costs.

OMT Platinum Visa Card (limit USD 10,000 monthly)

With the OMT Platinum Card, enjoy higher reload limits, giving you the freedom to manage larger transactions and fulfill your financial needs with ease. Apply now for your OMT Platinum Visa Card to elevate your financial experience and enjoy the convenience of a reliable payment method that puts your needs first.

You can check the Key Fact Statement to discover all the card’s features and associated costs.