OMT Press Release

OMT Press Release

In accordance with the intermediate circular 514 dated 14/1/2019 issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon and its clarification confirming that the institutions concerned with this circular are electronic money transfer companies:

1- OMT will undertake the necessary measures to implement the resolution in order to pay the inbound cash transfers in Lebanese pounds exclusively.

2- The Western Union service software will be updated accordingly.

3- OMT reassures its customers that cash transfers will not be subject to any additional fees upon payout.

4- Cash transfers inside Lebanon through electronic money transfer companies are not subject to this circular.

5- This Circular does not cover any financial transfers through banks.

OMT has been complying with all the decisions and circulars of the Central Bank of Lebanon since its inception 20 years ago, and is subject to the control of the Banking Control Commission and the Special Investigation Commission. This circular comes as an addition to the series of circulars and decisions issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon within the framework of regulating the electronic money transfer sector and guaranteeing control and compliance.