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OMT Visa Card

Want to pay in dollars with ease? There’s a solution next to you!

OMT offers you a prepaid and reloadable dual currency card powered by Visa and issued by BLOM Bank.

Card Benefits:

The card boasts two balances: US dollars and Lebanese Pounds. Your fresh USD balance allows you to make purchases online or at shops abroad or withdraw cash from any ATM abroad. With your LBP balance, you can settle payments at any local business (such as supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) and complete online purchases in LBP.

The card has a limit of USD 10,000 or LBP 150,000,000, available SMS alert service, “Tap and Pay” technology, and 24/7 customer service support.

How to reload or withdraw amounts:

The card can be reloaded at any OMT location or through BLOM ATMs across Lebanon. You can withdraw from the card at all OMT locations, BLOM ATMs, and any ATM across the world.

How to get your OMT Visa Card:

You can apply for your OMT Visa Card through My OMT App or at your nearest OMT location.

To apply for your OMT Visa Card through My OMT App:

1) Download My OMT App, create a profile, and apply for your OMT Visa Card.

2) Follow the verification process by filling the eKYC form (electronic Know Your Customer), which is a secure way to verify your identity online, and upload the required documents (valid official ID and a selfie photo).

3) Choose the nearest OMT location for card pickup.

4) Once your documents are verified and approved, you will receive an SMS informing you to pick up your OMT Visa Card at your selected OMT location and pay the fees.

To apply for your OMT Visa Card at your nearest OMT location:

Fill an application form at your nearest OMT location and load your card with the desired amount in LBP and/or fresh USD, then you will receive an SMS from BLOM Bank to sign a Know Your Customer form at your chosen BLOM Bank branch: you will instantly receive your loaded and activated card.

You can use your OMT Visa Card and pay fully using your LBP balance in the selected stores below: 

- Carrefour

- Ameliya Hypermarkets

- City Star

- Mike Sport

- Movenpick

- Basic Outlet

- Sultan Sweets

- Home Center

- Center Point

- Max


- Sultan Ibrahim

- Defacto

- VOX Cinemas

- National food supermarkets Al-Wataniya

- Fakhani Jnah

- Akil Bros

- Bassam Ghrawi

- Food retail Metro Market

- Eden Bay Hotel Spa

- Aghasarkissian

Be sure to ask your OMT Agent for the Key Fact Statement (or click here) to discover all the card’s features and associated costs.